3-pc set glass food containers

LE 855.00

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Ground coffee, vanilla sugar, fresh herbs … keep it all fresh and tasty with a little help from these 3 convenient food containers.

Their lids instantly add a touch of colour to your kitchen while their large opening allows you to easily fill the canisters and take out just the right amount with the help of the included measuring spoon.

On top of that, the containers are stackable for optimal space saving and dishwasher safe so cleaning them is a breeze!

Unique features
Stackable for optimal space saving
Measuring spoon included


10 x 8,5 cm ( 4 x 3 ¼") - 0,4 l (0.42 Qt.)

 10 x 12,5 cm ( 4 x 5") - 0,7 l (0.74 Qt.)

10 x 20,5 cm (4 x 8") - 1,2 l (1.3 Qt.)

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3-pc set glass food containers

LE 855.00