MOODY Candle - Romantic Dinner

MOODY Candle - Romantic Dinner
MOODY Candle - Romantic Dinner

MOODY Candle - Romantic Dinner

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Coconut Soy Wax - 45+ Hours burn time - Scent: Blueberry - Vanilla - Coconut

Price is per 1 candle.   Coconut Soy Wax 250 gm Candles; the most premium clean flame candles with 5 different fragrances’ blends. Check product info for more details.    

    250 gm Coconut Soy Candles that burn around 40 hours. To get the full mood, you have to leave me around 15 min once you light me to fill  the place with my scent   - Romantic Dinner: Blueberry, Vanilla& Coconut Scents... Smell the romance all over the place! Coconut Soy Candles Benefits: - Long Lasting: they're slow burning than any other candle type - Stronger Scent  - Clean & smooth Burning: produce a clean & unharmful flame with a smooth finish unlike other low quality candles' materials  


    It's better to leave me burn for at least 2 hours every time you light me to avoid tunneling which reduce my burning hours.

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